Ear Candy of the Week: Lianna - From Here

Annette Warner, Publisher/Editor, Wilmington NC Music

Lianna's newest release, still warm from the duplicator, From Here is a pop/rock experience that is totally unique, enjoyable and ready for the insane world of music fame. The expert instrumentation, fluid groove and obvious chemistry between all the musicians on this project is only the beginning of an incredible succession of industry clout soon enough. Lianna's gift for lyrical banter, musical artistry and compelling vocal expression is only the start of what will move you on this CD. To label her an outstanding pop storyteller, introspective poet, incredible visionary, along with fresh, danceable and downright likable is short-changing her big time.

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1/11/09, 8:00pm
Bluebird Cafe Songwriter Series, Hillsborough Rd, Nashville, TN
solo, all ages, free.

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