About the Band
Seth (drums), Arch (guitar, vocals), Lianna (vocals, acoustic), Dave (bass, vocals)

Lianna and her bandmates Arch Alcantara, Seth Brown, and Dave Mehring joined musical forces in December 2003.

Up until then, Lianna had performed primarily as a solo acoustic artist (and still does). After graduating from law school, she took a creative U-turn, in 1998 releasing her debut CD, Walk in My Shoes. The recording, which features members of Hootie and the Blowfish, was well received in Lianna's hometown of Raleigh, NC, and set the singer/songwriter on a new course. After moving to Washington, DC, in 2002 to pursue music, Lianna built a solid following with her solo work, but yearned to ally with other musicians with whom she could kick it up a notch.

Enter bass player Dave Mehring, whose post on local listserv Lianna read and responded to. The two swapped CDs to get a better sense of each other's musical sensibilities. Dave had played trombone as an undergrad in Indiana University's jazz ensemble, but he'd been dabbling in rock-and-roll as well, playing in several Bloomington, IN, groups as well as the now-defunct Otis Finch in DC. "Did I mention," Dave asked Lianna, "that I know a great drummer?"

And so Seth Brown entered the picture. Seth had also been in Otis Finch, and like Dave with the trombone, Seth had experience with a member of the brass family: the saxophone. The Minneapolis native had also dabbled in piano before sitting down behind the skins with a string of DC favorites like Juliet at the Rodeo. Seth, Dave, and Lianna clicked, but they knew they'd have to land a lead guitarist to complete the outfit now taking shape; so they went back to the Web and placed an ad on Craig's List.

The ad was found by guitarist Arch Alcantara, whose musical resumé reads like a dream: opened for Dave Matthews Band, Wilco, and Alanis Morrissette, among others; gigged professionally for 12 years in Chicago; worked in commercial jingles and as a session musician on dozens of recordings. Arch had been seeking a cover band for fun, but gentle persuasion from Dave, Seth, and Lianna convinced him to sit in with them. And the rest is acoustic-rock history.

The musical and personal chemistry now complete, the band now known as Lianna got busy gigging and laying down tracks. From Here was recorded, mixed, and distributed within the year, and the band is currently playing out in support of the CD, with tunes that are as liable to set your toes tapping as they are to stir your soul.

Lianna. Hook-heavy pop/rock from the heart.

Upcoming Shows

1/11/09, 8:00pm
Bluebird Cafe Songwriter Series, Hillsborough Rd, Nashville, TN
solo, all ages, free.

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