From Here

1. Better Than I
2. Everyday
3. The Lie
4. Beautiful Life
5. Misunderstood
6. Don't Turn On The Lights

7. From Here
8. Nothing Changes
9. A Little Longer
10. Better Days
11. Where You Are
12. What About Me

All songs written by Lianna unless otherwise indicated.

Better Than I

Hello my friend it's good to hear your voice again
I've been wondering just where you have been
I've been doing fine getting on with my life
Saying it's alright but you know that's a lie

You know me better than I know myself
You say things I never can
When we're apart you know that something's not right
You know me better than I

So can we move beyond those things in our past
Let go of all those things that are holding us back
I'm ready to take that step, let go of all I regret
Never let my heart forget the night that we met


I'm sorry I left you alone in the dark
I needed more faith than fear
But if you are willing I am able
Together we can take it from here


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Got my heart broken a thousand times
Before you came
But I learned to put my trust in you
I found some faith

Now the nights won't seem so cold
Now I found you I will have and hold you

I remember when our eyes first met
I was afraid
But you held me in your gentle arms
'Till I felt safe


Everyday I'll stand beside you
No matter where we are
Every morning we will wake up with love
In our hearts

When our hands are aged in golden years
Hair is all grey
We can look upon these memories
Of yesterday

Even those nights won't be cold
We will have each other to love and hold
Everyday… everyday… everyday… everyday…

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The Lie

Seems I've got a lot to learn about myself
Every time I think I have figured it out I fail
The wisdom of my youth is just enough to blur the edges
Visions of these years captured in charcoal sketches

Look me in the eye when we're talking
Stand up straight and walk the line
Tell yourself everything is fine
When everybody else knows it's a lie
It's a lie

In your eyes I see the pain I know that I cause
What we held once inside for us is lost
What we felt so frail could not withstand my indiscretion
Path we choose to walk guided in misdirection


And if you can't admit you are angry
Harboring emotions you wish would subside
These surface smiles you send saying everything's fine
You know you're living a lie


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Beautiful Life

I met you there up on the stage
Singing your heart out to us
At the end of the show You said,
"Good luck. I've got to go."
Then you climbed on your magic bus

Then I drove home I wondered
What your life must be like
Does your vision get clouded
Under all of those lights
Or do you see like Van Gogh
On a starry starry night?
Is it a beautiful life?

Does it seem like too much when the pressure builds up
The record executives their wanting your blood
Do you ever feel some times it's never enough
Or is it all worth it to do what you love

Still I wonder sometimes
What your life must be like…

We're all buying the tickets
And we're buying the sound
The songs that you sing
Might be one thing we have found
In this beautiful life.

Now I'm selling tickets I sell this sound
Some people think it won't be long now
But I've got my moments when I'm full of doubt
I'm still trying to figure it out

Still I wonder sometimes
What my life would be like
My vision can get clouded
Under just these small lights
I've never seen like Van Gogh
On a starry starry night
But it's a beautiful life

I met you there up on the stage
You were singing your heart out to us

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Misunderstood (Lianna/Chen Chapman)

We all see the pain in your eyes
Something you can't disguise
Like the way you look at me
Like the way you look at me
And you don't know what to say
Don't know what to say

We all have our burdens to bear
We all have our crosses we wear
Sometimes the way you look at me
Sometimes the way you look at me
You seem so afraid
Seem so afraid

I don't know what you're asking of me
I don't know what you need
I can't help you find the way out of your mind
Look beyond your story line
Not this time

You say you're misunderstood
If you could explain do you think you would
Is this the way you wanna be?
Is this the way you wanna be?
Misunderstood. Misunderstood.

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Don't Turn On The Lights

It's been a while since I stood in this place
I can look around and find a friendly face
Feels right Tuesday night
There's a man here he quotes Bob Dylan
He speaks of peace and love and the hope in living
Feels right Tuesday night… don't turn on the lights

Don't turn on the lights and say it's time to go
Some of us are living in nowhere
We come here to forget the world and escape life
And breathe the music in the air
Feels right Tuesday night… don't turn on the lights

There's Bongo Billy up on the stage
With another man who's singing don't make me wait
And the crowd is staying late
The man who serves the drinks he's in the back room
He knows about flowers he can make 'em bloom
It feels right Tuesday night… don't turn on the lights


There have been many others to touch may heart
One was my lover and he tore me apart
But it still feels right Tuesday night… so don't turn on the lights


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From Here

Waking up in the morning to a bird's lovely tune
Sun is shining through my window got me thinking of you
So I reach out my hand
Cause I forgot where I am
Two hundred sixty five miles from you

Rushing through the morning the traffic is hell
I wonder if I'll be on time for work it's so hard to tell
But in all these delays my mind it drifts away

I can hear what you say
You'll be in my arms in a few days
And you have nothing to fear
I can love you from here

Day flew by I'm heading home to the sunset ablaze
Thinking 'bout those summer nights and those lazy days
And how time stands still when I can't wait until


From here in this city of history and change
Here on these rooftops I call out your name
I say it loud and I hope it rings clear
That I, I love you

Singing from a stage most every night
I miss your arms around me you holding me tight
I'm counting the days until I can touch your face


On the rainy days and the clear
No matter how far or near
Through the laughter and the tears
You know I can love you
You know I can love you
You know I can love you… from here

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Nothing Changes (Lianna/Aaron Cunningham)

They were just in their teens when
They got the idea to build a flying machine
People said, "Boys you can't fly."
And they laughed when they dared them to try

They said, "Nothing's changing.
It's always been this way.
You can't go rearranging.
It's been this way for so long."
They were wrong.

They said, "Girl you don't look like us.
Best get yourself to the back of this bus."
But she did not fill with fear
She stared back and said, "I'm staying right here."


Why must we always resist change?
We can't move forward and stay the same

When I think about the distance between here and there
Here and now could've been nowhere
We've got to hold on to what we believe
As if there is no in between
When I think about the distance
Between today and tomorrow
(doesn't seem so far away)
Doesn't seem so far away
(the distance is only a few feet)
So far away
(who's gonna take the first step? why not you and me?)


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A Little Longer

Hold me just a little longer
Should I let my feelings show
Will this thing we share grow stronger
Or will you go… will you go

You tell me don't worry
With you I'm swept away
You tell me you think you love me
But enough to stay is it enough to stay

Because I know there's another
She holds your heart from long ago
Your feelings are like the tides now
They ebb and flow… ebb and flow

Hold me just a little longer
I wanna let my feelings show
I wanna tell you I love you
But I just don't know how will I know

Never have I been so close
Never have I felt so strong
If I'm having all of these feelings
How can I be wrong please say I'm not wrong

The truth and beauty that we found here
Is complicated by our lives
If you once thought it was worth it
Why won't you try you know I'll try

All the things you want to know
They're only figured out through time
If you wanna take that chance now
I'm not hard to find I'm not hard to find

Hold me just a little longer…

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Better Days

Last two years been going under
It's hard to swim when you are struggling
But I'm still breathing still surviving
Just doing the best I can

I had a rough go this past winter
I bled my heart out through the spring
But the summer heat it cleansed my spirit
I'm not afraid of what I'm feeling

Better days I'm feeling stronger
Better days some thing I understand
Better days keep me holding on
Feeling stronger exactly where I am

At times I'm lost within the shadows
I feel stuck inside my mind
I'm trying to figure out what matters
Without falling a step behind


I see the road stretched out before me
It's got some twists and curves
But I finally feel like I can make it
Holding close to the things I've learned


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Where You Are

You've got a way of forgiving
Like I don't understand
You've got a way of believing
Makes me believe in who I am

I wanna know where you are
When you're halfway awake and dreaming
Lying in your arms
Love is all I'm feeling

You've seen my best and my worst
Through it all you've kept your smile
What I've come to understand
Sometimes life takes awhile


If we take these little moments
Let these lessons that we've learned
Lead our way we'll be ok
We can rally the strength and love
'Till nothing we fear is in our way


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What About Me (Lianna/Neal Chapman)

There's a tear falling in the moonlight
I think it's probably for me
You see it's watched me trade time
For what I wanted to be

But everybody trades memories
For the future they see
What about me?

I caught the early morning sunrise
Cause sometimes I just can't sleep
I keep thinking of promises
I wonder can I keep

But everybody makes promises
At the time they mean
What about me?

What about me?
What about me?

I keep thinking of problems things wrong in my life
Praying that something would just turn out right

Now I'm watching the sunset
And I'm filled with so much peace
It disappears in the Potomac
And this is where I should be

Cause sometimes we take chances
And we trust what's unseen
So what about me?
What about me?
What about me?

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